With my brother-in-law, Thanksgiving, Charlottesville, Virginia

With my brother-in-law, Thanksgiving, Charlottesville, Virginia

This is the place to find out about Gregory Sampson, who has also written under the pen name Alaric Jaxartes. With a third published work and a new imprint, I am working to design a great user experience for you (within my budget … I’m no J.K. Rowling.)


About Me gives you my life story in brief. Media can find my PR kit through a link on the page.


Books gives a brief synopsis of my two previous works, Tattered Flags and Rush Week. I am working to develop Kindle editions of both and add them to the Amazon store. But as a fulltime mathematics teacher in a middle school, I have to accept that this will take some time. Rush Week is under revision. Once that is complete, I will begin to flesh out the sequel, Frat House. But I’m thinking 2014 before completion.


Blog is where I talk about writing, publishing, and whatever else interests me. Occasionally I put up a poem. With the release of Tiger Claws, my latest book, I hope to get on a regular schedule of posting, something like Wednesday and Weekend.


Comments are welcomed. I rigorously quarantine comments to knock the spammers out. Your comments will arrive once they receive my approval. I’m no censor, but my website is not a free-for-all billboard.


Tiger Claws is where you will find information about the new book. Free days for the Kindle were December 25 – 27. I’m sorry if you missed out, but congrats to the aware who are now happily reading. But at $2.99, it’s worth taking a flyer on it. But if you’re really parsimonious, I will schedule another two days of free download next month as I get closer to having an on-line book club to read and discuss the book.