the challenge was to write a tritina about a habit …




Deep earth aroma from a harvest sustainable

Peruvian organic, I search for thee at the Kangaroo

Bypassing Columbian for my morning caffeine fix.


Dark covers the earth and the sun has yet to fix

Its cream in Earth’s coffee. What makes my day sustainable?

Caffeine that hops in my veins like a kangaroo.


Blood boxes my ears with swift kicks from my cup Kangaroo

Palms tingle, sweat beads, and 24 ounces puts me in a fix

That makes me wonder if my caffeine addiction is sustainable.


I fix my addiction with a decaffeinated Kangaroo. Sustainable!


The new book is close to release. Tiger Claws, with its hero, Antwan Duvallier, and his adventures in a land he never thought existed. Stay tuned. The blog is clattering awake.

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