I continue to share verse as I get my new book, Tiger Claws, ready for release. The title is Sometimes. I have not had an easy week at school.


Sometimes I feel like lightning

Cold front colliding

Warm front rising

Energy clashing

Dash upon plus




Sometimes I feel like a volcano

Lava churning within

Cap of rock bolted on

Steam pushing, pushing

Ground rising

Land shaking



Sometimes I feel like an earthquake

Pressure mounts; land grinds into deadlock

Glass trembles on the shelves

Energy shoves for release

Buildings shake

Land drops



Sometimes I feel like a cyclone

Whirling about the land

Devastation follows

Tornado Alley

Cows flying

Trucks wrecking

Balls of fire



Sometimes I feel like a hurricane

Slow gathering out of deep waters

Fuel for organized chaos

Swirling, piling, driving

Howling winds

Storm surge


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