The book came out of edit in September. As its main distribution channel will begin through e-book release, particularly the Kindle, the next step was to have a cover designed.

However, not all readers have Kindles, and many prefer a traditional book. It has always been my intent to offer a Print-On-Demand option for those who prefer it. So I need my cover designer to give me both.

My selected designer has asked for the specifications, including the spine width, so she can provide me with the proper files.

Oh, crap. I forgot that a cover designer needs to know how wide the book spine will be to provide a cover for a traditional book. Now I am working to line up my POD manufacturer and figure that out, which means I have to lay out the book and choose the paper. Surprise! If you don’t know anything about book manufacturing, different types of paper have different thicknesses.

So I am trying to figure out Quark. Yes, I invested in the product. One of the few perks of being a teacher is that most software publishers offer their products to educators at tremendous discounts. That $900 Quark package you would buy only cost me $200.

Quark is top of the line publishing layout. Only the best if I want to provide a professional product and I am committed to that. I have seen designs that have failed because people choose their friends instead of proven professionals. I have a friend who does outstanding work, but I’m not sure she has ever designed a book, and at this point of trying to establish myself, I need proven experience. I am building a team for the next thirty or forty years, as long as my life and my mind are left to me.

The book, then, may not see release until Christmas. But I will be satisfied when it’s done right. I’m not trying for a traditional agent/publisher contract, with about two weeks to make it or the book falls into the dustbin, as my route to success. I want to give my writing the time to find and develop its audience. I believe it eventually will be a large one.

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