Winner of two Promoting Outstanding Writers awards, Gregory Sampson teaches middle school in Jacksonville, Florida and writes young adult/teen fiction. His latest series, Antwan’s Adventures, will come forth with its first volume, Tiger Claws, in December 2012, and feature a youth of 14 who finds himself in a mysterious world, one in which he must find himself in order to survive.


Previous novels include Rush Week (2004) and Tattered Flags (2005). Under his new imprint, Grand Graffiti, Sampson plans the release of more novels, including new editions of Rush Week and Tattered Flags in e-book format. Under development are Frat House, the next volume in the Rush Week series, Silfuy Island, the next adventure of Antwan Duvallier, and Maybe Daddies, a fictional memoir of a teen grappling to understand the mystery of life.


A former pastor, accountant, businessman, and property manager, Sampson draws upon his vast and varied experience in creating his characters, settings, and stories.  “I want to tell good stories that people want to read, especially the boys that I teach. That was the inspiration behind Antwan Duvallier and his first adventure, Tiger Claws.”


From his home in Baldwin, which lies on the western border of Duval County, Sampson commutes into the Westside of Jacksonville to teach mathematics in the Duval County Public School system. He also coordinates the AVID College Preparatory Program at his school.


A member of CDS Publicity Group, including its monthly writer critique group, and Florida Writers Association, Sampson can also be found online at Author’s Den and Jacket Flap. He maintains two public pages on Facebook, Sampson Gregory and Grand Graffiti, as well as his own website,


Sampson holds a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary (1996) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Accounting from the University of Delaware (1975)


Find Greg by following him on Twitter (sampsongregory) or liking his Facebook page (Sampson Gregory).


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