Lost in so many ways, Antwan Duvallier does what he knows best. He puts up his fists and fights. At 14 years of age, it still seems the best way to settle an argument, even one as silly as who owns a hat, until he wakes from his latest fight in a strange land.

Convinced that he was abducted to Georgia, Antwan takes a while to learn the truth. He is in a new land, where nothing he knows will help him survive. He loses his clothing, eats poisonous berries, and struggles to survive.

Captured by a squad of teenage warriors and taken to their chief village, he fights again only to lose. But his fortunes are turning. With a new friend Amadi, the compassion of the elders who agree to let him stay, and the guidance of a wise counselor, Babatunde, he begins to establish a new life.

But the challenges are only beginning. He gets blamed for the disappearance of a little girl, put to a great test, and then sent out to face his biggest challenge of all—a rogue tiger that is killing people.

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